18-inch Power Cable

The Ekleer 18-inch charger is the largest in the series, designed for power users. This charging station provides ample space and power to charge all your devices, making it an excellent addition to busy homes, offices, or conference rooms.


Each charger in the Ekleer Charger Series features advanced charging technology that adjusts power output to match your device’s requirements. This ensures safe and efficient charging while prolonging the lifespan of your devices.


All chargers in the series are equipped with multiple ports to accommodate various device types. Their durable construction, superior circuit protection, and high-quality components promise to keep your devices safe during charging.


The Ekleer Charger Series isn’t just about charging; it’s about providing a reliable power solution for your devices when you need it the most. Trust in Ekleer to keep your devices energised and ready to go, no matter how busy your day gets.

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12 month warranty included

EKLEER offers 12 months warranty on all products and we have a UK support centre for a prompt support service across Europe.